We have been working successfully in the printed circuit sector for 40 years, following the developments required by the new technologies in the electronics market.

We occupy a covered surface area of 5000 mq with a layout purposely designed for optimal production management.

We combine quality and service to guarantee constant flexibility and expertise,
our business philosophy, offering the customer a complete service from sampling to the medium series of
mono - bilayer and multilayer printed circuits with hot air levelling, electronic gilding, Lead Free and chemical galvanisation surface finish.

Machinery Park

P2S Electronic has always maintained a high degree of competitiveness on the market of the production of printed circults,
thanks to its continuous update of the machine park. We continuously hold under control the market and its demand,
and the staff directional and productive optimizes with precise studies and appraisals the strategies to follow, with the final scope to offer to our customers the better relationship quality/price.

Electrical Test

The Electrical Test department, which guarantees the quality of the finished product to the customer is the top department of P2S. It is equipped by :

  • 2 PCA for manual testing
  • 1 Mobile Probe ATG Automatic
  • 1 Mobile Probe Seica Automatic
  • 2 Precise ML 100 with automatic load/unload and high Voltage test
  • 1 Mania Barco Accumatch AOI for intermediate optical inspection

Galvanic Line

Technological innovations for the new facility for electrolytic copper takeback :

  • New rectifier currents using the IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) to obtain an output current very stable with an optimal distribution of the thickness of electrolytic copper deposited.
  • New technology with recirculating venturi system designed for the realization of high-tech drilling with double z-axis controlled.
  • Handling bars embedded in the bathroom through the inverter to vary the speed depending on the type of circuits to handle this with the result of the maximum flexibility without stops in working.
  • Flexible circuit with electrolytic carryover from 70µ to 200µ without downtime in production.


The department in addition to silk screen print with standard chassis also uses manual exposer and an automatic display that offers the same calibration and reading systems of the dry-film exposer with an optimal result. As for the portion of the screen P2S with a unique ink-jet, which guarantees quality and flexibility. The finish is done with a H.A.L. automatic control with a PLC that allows us to manage all types of circuits and for quality check.

  • 1 Automatic Exposer Mania
  • 1 Velatrice Euroboard
  • 2 Manual exposers Euroboard
  • 4 Macchine serigrafichArgon
  • 1 Ink-Jet Orbotech1
  • 1 Ink-Jet ADEON
  • 1 H.A.L AutomaticoPenta

Yellow Room

P2S Elettronica uses two exposers automatic light semicollimated with mechanical movement of the equipment during the Loader-Unloader phase.  The systems are programmed with a default value of accuracy for a definition of track-isolations 80 microns and is guaranteed by a centering with high definition cameras that provide a constant result.

Moreover the Yellow Room takes advantage of the AOI technology (Advanced Optical Inspection) for the control of dry-film production.

Technical Department

Technical Department :

  • Photoplotter laser BARCO  (da 2000 a 10000 PPI)
  • Photoploter laser EIE
  • Station receiving files Integr8tor
  • 3 Work-stations Ucam 9 (su SUN Ultrasparc)
  • Tolerance Checking (DRC)
  • Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Import any vectorial format
  • Reverse Engineering of PCB without master

Mechanical Finishes

The department mechanical finishes consist of:

  • 1 Pluritec Mega
  • 2 Pluritec Maxima
  • 2 Telmec  Automatic Scoring

All this is connected by network to our datacenter and technical/programming office for the scoring routing design.


Our production plant is able to manage an high load of square meters per day to drill, thanks to the automation provided by :

  • 1 Pluritec Giga - 8 Teste CNC
  • 3 Pluritec Multistation
  • 1 Pluritec Golden
  • 1 Pluritec Mega
  • 2 Pluritec Minima
  • 1 Techtron Sbordatrice

Multilayer department

The Multilayer department is equipped with an advanced optical inspection system for drilling with X-Ray (Vista XR). This device increases the production value guaranting a better precision in the drill centering thank to the machinery park for drilling associated.